Would you believe that anyone - even convicted murderers - can log online, buy a gun - with no questions asked - and have it in their hands within hours?

And police say not only is it happening every day all across North America. It's also perfectly legal.

Why? Because a legal loophole lets anyone buy guns online without having to pass a background check, unlike in gun stores.

Here's how it works. You order a gun through a Craigslist ad, or an online gun store, which sells everything from semiautomatic assault rifles, to 50-caliber guns so powerful they can take down a helicopter! Then, you meet the seller at a local parking lot, like the mall or a supermarket. You pay cash, and they hand you the gun.

Police warn that it's incredibly dangerous because it's a legal way to put deadly weapons in the hands of violent criminals. In fact, thousands of innocent bystanders are murdered every year in gun violence, and many of the weapons are traced back to private online sales.

But pro-gun groups are fighting to keep the sales legal, arguing that it should be every citizen's right to purchase a defensive weapon, no questions asked, no background check. Right now, lawmakers are considering requiring background checks for all gun sales - whether online or in-store. We'll keep you posted.