I have the definitive answers to your diet questions!

We’ll start with motivation – how can you stay motivated when the scale’s not budging? Stop focusing on weight loss alone. Doing that can derail your diet by up to 70%! Your weight naturally fluctuates, even when you’re doing everything right. So focus on more than that to stay motivated.  Are your clothes fitting better? Can you dash up 2 flights of stairs without getting winded? Most people CAN’T, so if you can, you’re ahead of the game.

Next question: How come the more you work out, the more you want to eat? Think of it this way.  The more you drive your car, the more gas it needs. So you body needs more fuel when it gets more activity. But the trick is to satisfy your hunger without eating more calories than you just burned. To do that, save part of your meal for after your workout. So you’re not eating MORE calories, you’re just redistributing them.

So you’ve reached your weight loss goal.  How much do you have to exercise to maintain it? You may not like the answer.  Many studies show it takes as much as 90 minutes a day of exercise if you return to regular eating habits. So it’s best to make your diet an overall lifestyle change. That way, you can workout for half an hour a day.