Experts have defined another miracle food! It can lower your blood pressure and reduce your risk of having a stroke! So what is it? The humble red CHERRY!

According to Web MD, cherries are packed with fiber, vitamin C and potassium. Also, they're naturally sodium free, that's why they keep your blood pressure in check. And cherries have two powerful antioxidants that help prevent cancer, heart disease, and stroke.
Also, cherries are low in calories   one cup has just 90.

There are two kinds of cherries   SWEET cherries are the ones you buy fresh at the supermarket. And TART cherries are typically canned or frozen and pie-ready. They both pack the same nutritional punch.

And here's a "did you know" for you. Did you know that if you shake a tart cherry tree during its fruiting season, you'll have about 7000 cherries, enough to make 28 pies? Now THAT'S sweet.