We’ve told you before about people giving their pets fancy and expensive funerals. Well now some pet-parents are taking it a step further. They’re paying big bucks for burial plots so they can be buried WITH their favorite pet. This used to be problematic because, according to the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association, most human graveyards only allow human remains to be buried there. It’s not illegal for humans and animals to be buried side-by-side or in the same casket – but most human cemeteries have rules against it.

So what’s the solution? For humans to be buried at PET CEMETERIES. Some forward-thinking pet cemeteries are now selling plots for humans who want to be buried alongside their pet! Take the Hillcrest-Flynn Pet Memorial Center in Pennsylvania. They now have two sections: one for pets and one for humans and pets together. Other pet cemeteries are following suit. Donna Bethune is the Executive Secretary for the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories. The group has about 200 member cemeteries, about a quarter of which now accept human remains. According to Bethune, demand is growing. She says she hears from members all the time that want to start offering the service. There are restrictions, however. Humans have to be cremated before they can be buried in a pet cemetery. Since pets and owners rarely die on the same day, there’s a price to reopen a grave and add remains to it, usually around $250.

Not every pet cemetery is on board with this trend though. The most famous pet cemetery, the Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park, where Charlie Chaplin's cat and Humphrey Bogart's dog are buried, says no way. According to the president of their board of directors, they just don’t want to get into it.