There are so many guidelines to abide by at the office. Don’t eat smelly lunches in a common area, don’t talk on speaker phone, don’t walk up and down the halls singing at the top of your lungs. It’s basic respect for your coworkers and their workspace. What about your conduct in another area of your office building – the restroom? Here’s the etiquette guide to bathroom behavior, courtesy of Rodale Publishing.

  • The toilet paper roll. If you replace it, don’t place the loose end facing the wall. You want it facing out – like a water fall coming toward you. You don’t want someone to have to wrestle with a toilet roll while hovering close to a wall they’d rather not touch.
  • Be paper friendly. If you see there isn’t any toilet paper in a stall, don’t move along to the next one and just sit there while another unsuspecting soul walks into the TP-less toilet. Either warn them before they get comfy, or grab a wad and pass it along. This is NOT considered an invasion of personal space – this is considered being helpful.
  • Don’t brush your hair over the sink! Even if your mane is the envy of everyone you meet, hair becomes vile once it falls off your head. If you MUST brush it over the sink – make sure you wipe it up. Wet hair clumps look like dead animals, and you don’t want someone to have to pull your wet hairball from the drain.
  • Remember – bathrooms are NOT office space. So don’t hang out there, waiting for your coworker to finish. Exit and leave them in peace. If you recognize the shoes in the next stall, avoid the chit-chat. Just because you’re a Chatty Cathy, that doesn’t give you license to talk their ear off. You should respect their privacy.