Want to significantly improve your life? Be more grateful! According to an analysis of more than 40 scientific studies, having an “attitude of gratitude” can change your life for the better. 

  • For one thing: Grateful people are happier. Research in the journal American Psychologist showed that making a list of 3 things that go well every day increased the happiness levels of volunteers. And the longer volunteers continued to write down what make them grateful, the better they felt.

  • Gratitude can also improve your relationships. A study by The National Institute of Mental Health found that people who regularly thank their spouse for doing everyday chores - like cleaning the kitchen, or taking the dog to the vet - have happier, more stable marriages.

  • A final reason to be more grateful: It’s good for your career. Numerous studies show that grateful people have larger professional networks, and make better business decisions. They also get more work done, and are more likely to be helped by their superiors. In fact, practicing gratitude at work will make everybody’s day. A recent survey found that 65% of employees haven’t received a “thank you” for their efforts in the last year.

But studies show that workers who feel needed, useful, and appreciated, are happier and much more productive.