a fancy dinner out on the town or a home-cooked meal prepared by your date? In the new cookbook for men, "Win Her with Dinner," Tom Greenwood and Doug Veith claim, hands-down, it's the meal prepared at home, regardless of how it turns out.
A few years ago Greenwood and Veith never considered themselves great cooks, but they did have the guts to cook something for their dates and, even if the dinner turned out badly, women really appreciated that at least they had tried.
The cookbook is co-authored by personal chef Alex Hilbronner, a woman, who provided simple yet elegant recipes which Greenwood and Veith labeled two ways--What it really is in "guy-speak"--and what you tell her it is, in flowery "chef-speak". An example is--it's chicken, veggies and salad, but you tell her it's breast of chicken pan-roasted in rosemary, garlic and white wine with oven-roasted potatoes and carrots with an endive-watercress salad topped with bleu cheese.
The authors stress the book is not "cooking for dummies." Through their research, they discovered it's not that guys can't cook, they just don't, and the book is meant to be a guide to take the mystery out of the kitchen.
In addition to the recipes are black and white pictures of kitchen utensils and a section on wine selections and music--everything to take a meal from start to finish with a nice bit of flare.