Renting a car at the airport is getting easier.  That’s because two new startups are promising to take all the “hassle” out of renting cars. What are these new companies offering instead?

First, is a company called Flightcar. Their plan is to match travelers with cars that would otherwise be sitting idle in parking lots. For example: While you’re out of town, someone could be renting your car - while you drive around in someone else’s car, all for less than you’d pay for a traditional rental. Then, when you return, Flightcar will cut you a check for the fees collected. They’ll also throw in a free car wash and take care of all gas, insurance, and inspection issues. Look for Flightcar to launch soon in Oakland and San Jose, with more airports coming next year.

The other new car rental service is Silvercar. Their goal is to eliminate dealing with rental agents altogether. Instead, you use a mobile phone app to process reservations, pick up, and drop off cars. The app also becomes your key – for unlocking and starting your rental car. And to end the stress of deciding which car to rent, Silvercar only offers one type of car.  That’s a silver Audi A-4. And get this: Because the service tracks gas levels wirelessly, it can automatically charge you for refills based on current gas prices. That way, you’ll never have to worry about re-filling the tank before you drop a car off, or paying a sky-high rate! Look for Silvercar to start popping up in airports next year, at the rate of one new airport every three months.