If you’re flying this holiday season, here’s a word to the wise: Don’t forget to read the fine print on your ticket. Why? It turns out that an airline can refuse to let you fly for a number of reasons:

#1: Not buckling your seatbelt. Federal law requires travelers to buckle up when instructed. And plus-sized passengers who can’t fit into the regular seat belts are no longer allowed to bring their own extenders. New FAA regulations require they use extenders provided by the airline.

Airlines can also boot you off the plane if your child’s crying. Travel expert Caroline Morse says that anyone who’s loud, aggressive, or makes other passengers uncomfortable – including a cranky two-year old - can be escorted off the plane prior to departure.

Another reason you could be tossed off your flight: Inappropriate clothing. Flight attendants make the final decision on whether an outfit is too revealing, or a T-shirt’s offensive. So, skip the edgy shirts, skimpy tops, and low-riding jeans.

But no matter what you wear, don’t neglect your hygiene. Travelers have been given the heave-ho because their body odor was too much for the other passengers.

So, what if you refuse to turn off your electronic device? You’ll be tweeting from the terminal, instead of flying to your destination.

Finally: Stopping at the airport bar can give you a layover – on top of a hangover. If any member of the cabin crew thinks you’ve had one too many, you’ll be escorted off the plane.