...So tasty yet so repellent to the ones you love. Still, the powerful scent it leaves behind seems a small price to pay for the flavor you savor.
So, how can you enjoy the garlic and get the stink off your hands after cooking? Here's the scoop from Health magazine.
The smell of garlic comes from two types of compounds   sulfides and poly-sulfides. And according to Dr. Stephen Fulder, author of the User's Guide to Garlic, getting those pungent chemicals off your hands is a two-part process. He says the sulfides are water-soluble, and the poly-sulfides tend to be soluble in oil.
So, to get rid of them both. Scrub with soap and hot water first, and then rub your hands with ordinary cooking oil. Wash them again so you rinse the oil off   you don't want plates slipping out of your hands. And voila! You are now stink-free and safe to dine with   even for vampires.
Oh, and FYI - this works for oniony hands, too.