Guys, are you a one-date wonder? Many men get so nervous on a first date that they end up making a terrible impression. That’s why we rounded up some relationship experts and asked their advice on acing the first date - and getting the second:

  • Let’s start with the logistics. If your date is someone you already know or is the “friend of a friend” - pick her up at her home. According to relationship columnist Susan Davis, when a guy does that, it sends the message, “You’re worth the extra effort.” However, that doesn’t apply if you met online. In that case, meeting in a public place is the gentlemanly thing to do.
  • Either way: The guy should pay. April Masini, the author of Think and Date Like a Man, says that paying for dinner sends the signal that your interest is romantic.
  • Skip the good night kiss. Honestly, the experts are split on this, but in a Harris Interactive survey, only half the ladies thought kissing on a first date was appropriate. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t offer her a kiss on the cheek.That’s respectful, and still romantic.
  • This last tip comes from relationship coach David Wygant: End your date by asking for the next one. So, if she told you she’s a fan of Greek food, say something like, “I know a place that makes the best moussaka. Want to have dinner Thursday?”

To put it simply, chivalry is not dead. If you want to turn a first date into a relationship - do the driving, pay the tab, and end with a respectful kiss on the cheek and a second dinner invitation. That way you’ll both be looking forward to the next time you get together.