If you're considering a home improvement project, here's some advice from the experts: Build a new bathroom! It'll raise the value of your property more than you know! It'll probably make your life easier, too. You won't have to fight your kids for the shower in the morning. your guests can have their own space. According to Paul Emrath from the National Association of Homebuilders, adding a bathroom can boost the value of your home by 20 percent! That is, if you don't get carried away and sink $50,000 into the tiniest room in your home. Here's what you need to know, courtesy of Money magazine.* Don't get ahead of the neighbors. To get the most out of your investment, stick with what's NORMAL in your neighborhood. On some blocks, huge master bathrooms are expected. On others - they don't exist. That's the word from appraiser John Bredemeyer. He says if you add a third bathroom in an area where most homes have one and a half, you might not get your money back. So check the real estate listings for your area to find out what the norm is.* Use what you've got. If you can, make renovations to the space you already have. If you put an addition on the house to accommodate a new bathroom, that means pouring concrete, building a roof and so on - and that can cost you around $200 per square foot! If you avoid building new walls - by using a spare room, a walk-in closet or even a nice space under the stairway, you can cut the cost to as little as $100 per square foot and save THOUSANDS. Also, try to stay close to your existing plumbing lines. Running drainpipe through the floors and walls can easily boost your overall expense by $5,000. * Don't go overboard. You can get a perfectly good faucet for $100, or you can install a $3,000 showpiece. Simple porcelain tile costs about $5 per square foot, while translucent glass tile is about $25. So, suit your own tastes, but remember - when you sell, not everyone's going to fall in love with your gold-plated sink.