If you’re ready to nail your next job interview, we’ve got you covered. Here’s some tough love advice from recruiter Wendy Doulton:

  • Know your value. Doulton says the number one thing you can do to “wow” a potential employer is give clear examples of why you’re right for the job. That’s because bosses are always impressed by people who know why they’re successful, and can prove it. For example, Doulton says a good assistant can tell you exactly how they negotiated a better travel deal at their last job, and saved the company $10,000 a year!

  • Don’t stalk the hiring manager. Doulton says there’s a fine line between following-up after an interview and stalking. If you’re calling the manager five times a day asking if they’ve read your résumé, or made a hiring decision, you’ll absolutely sink your chances of being hired. Why? Doulton says it’s because getting a job is like getting a date. In general, the more you chase after people with constant emails and phone calls, the less inclined they are to want you, because they’re going to think you’ll be that annoying all the time.

  • So, what’s the right way to follow up? Doulton says it’s pretty simple: just ask. At the end of your interview, say something like, “I really want this job, and I’d like to follow up. What’s the best time to call you back?” Or ask: “How far along are you in the hiring process, and when can I expect to hear about a decision?” Doulton says that way, you’re setting a clear expectation about the job, and creating a positive relationship with the employer. And no boss will be annoyed by that!