The next time you need surgery, be prepared to wait, that’s because a growing number of hospitals are now delaying some surgeries, for weeks, or even months, as a way of improving their odds for a successful procedure, and reducing the risk of complications!

I know it sounds counter-intuitive, because most people assume that if you need surgery, then it’s best to get it done as soon as possible. But new research shows there are many cases when it’s better to wait, and give patients extra time to get healthier, like by quitting smoking, losing weight, or even giving up junk food. 

Why? Because the difference between a successful surgery, and a deadly one, often boils down to how healthy we are! For example:

  • Studies show that people who smoke are six times more likely to have respiratory complications after surgery, but those who stop smoking before surgery tend to heal faster.

  • Also, studies have linked poor nutrition, like, from eating lots of junk food, to higher post-surgery complication rates, but a healthy pre-op diet is proven to reduce complications by at least 40 percent!

  • And get this: Until recently, most doctors assumed that if you’ve had a heart-attack, it’s best to repair the damage as soon as possible. But a new study says that heart-attack patients should ideally wait four months before having any kind of surgery, to have the lowest risk of having another heart-attack!

One more thing: Experts say surgery delays are actually good for patients and hospitals, because for every post-surgery complication hospitals can prevent, they’ll face fewer readmissions, and fewer potential lawsuits.