Have you heard about the Reviewer Card?

It’s a new card that you can buy for $100 which tells the world that you’re an influential reviewer, who writes lots of reviews online. That way, if you flash the card at a waiter in a restaurant, for example, then you’re more likely to get VIP service - or a free appetizer – because the restaurant won’t want you to go home and write a bad review.

The Reviewer Card was created by Brad Newman, a blogger who says he got the idea after having a bad dining experience. It was so bad, that Newman told his waitress that he was going to post a negative review of the restaurant online.  And as soon as he said that, he says everything changed. Suddenly, the staff gave him “white-glove service,” and he got a personal apology from the manager!

So, Newman’s goal with the Reviewer Card is to give amateur reviewers the same kind of respect that professional reviewers get.  Because these days, a bad Yelp review can hurt more than what a restaurant critic says – because it’s seen by more people!

With perks like that, it sounds like the Reviewer Card is a great thing to have, right?  Actually, many people – including fellow reviewers - are already lashing out against it, saying the card’s “unethical.” They say good reviews should be written by people who are unbiased.  And if you’re getting preferential treatment from a restaurant, then you won’t be getting the “genuine experience.”

But Newman’s defense is that in today’s world, we all write reviews – on Facebook, or in blogs so why not get an upgrade while you’re doing it?

What do you think? Would you buy a Reviewer Card? Or is that unethical? Weigh in at Facebook.com/JohnTesh.