Where’s the coolest place for kids to hang out these days? At grandma and grandpa’s house! 

A growing number of grandparents are hiring interior designers and construction crews to renovate their basements, attics, and spare bedrooms - to create decked-out nurseries and kid suites so that their grandkids will want to visit more. 

Experts say Baby Boomers don’t want to be the typical fuddy-duddy grandparents, who hang around and garden or watch golf while their visiting grandkids play by themselves. Instead, they want to stay active – and have fun playing and hanging out with them.

So, they’re installing everything from custom play spaces to entertainment centers. They’re even tricking out backyards with ping-pong tables and basketball courts.

The trend is so big that a lot of furniture and home design retailers are targeting grandparents. For example, Pottery Barn Kids recently started hosting free decorating workshops especially for grandparents with design tips to help them turn a spare bedroom into a grandkid’s play space.

But there’s something else driving the trend.

These days, a lot of grandparents are taking on more parenting duties! Nearly 3-million grandparents are RAISING their grandkids – meaning they’re the primary caregiver. And countless others are essentially offering free childcare for their grandkids, while the kid’s parents go to work. In fact, 74 percent of grandparents take care of their grandkids on a weekly basis.

Plus, more adults are moving back home to live with their parents, often with grandkids in tow!  

They’re being called “grand-families” – with several generations living under one roof. And a lot of grandparents want to make the best out of a bad situation – by making their grandkids feel as at-home as possible.