Attention, parents of teen drivers! Wish you didn’t have to worry about them getting into an accident because they’re non-stop texters? You may not have to anymore. That’s because software developers are rolling out new apps that’ll block your teen from texting and talking on the phone while behind the wheel. Safety experts say these apps could be lifesaving since studies show that texting while driving makes you 23 times more likely to get into a car crash. So, here are the top new apps that’ll prevent distracted driving:

First: Check out T-Mobile’s DriveSmart Plus app. Here’s how it works. You download the free app on your smartphone. Then, as soon as your vehicle is in motion for 10 seconds, the app’s GPS technology kicks in and the service automatically blocks you from making outgoing calls, and sending text messages. It also sends all incoming calls to voicemail, and plays a message to your callers explaining that you’re driving. As soon as the vehicle is stopped, you can start making calls, and sending texts. The service costs $5 bucks a month.

Another app that’ll prevent behind-the-wheel texting: The Key-2-Safe-Driving. It works pretty much the same way. Except you also need to plug in a special power device in your teen’s car. If your teen unplugs it, the service alerts you by sending you a text message. The cost? A $100 bucks.

These apps again are T-Mobile’s DriveSmart, and the Key-2-Safe-Driving.