Would you buy your child a bulletproof backpack? A lot of parents are, and say it could literally save their child’s life.

Bulletproof backpacks were first rolled out after the grisly and deadly Virginia Tech massacre in 2007. But sales have soared 500-percent since the tragic Connecticut school shooting in December.

The special backpacks look ordinary and come in regular colors, and with designs like Disney Princesses. But they’re made with military-grade, ballistic and shrapnel-resistant materials designed for police officers and soldiers. And unlike traditional body armor that’s very heavy – bulletproof backpacks are made with lightweight armor called RynoHide.  So the backpack only weighs about 20 ounces more than a regular one or about the weight of a bottle of water.

And some manufacturers are going even further with child safety products. Like the company Amendment Two – they sell lightweight bulletproof vests for children.

But even though a growing legion of parents are equipping their kids with bulletproof backpacks, they’re controversial. Some psychologists think that sending kids to school like they’re dressed for battle will only make them scared and anxious.

But the companies claim they’re simply offering children a way to protect themselves in an emergency.
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