If you’re a “woe is me” or a “why me” person, I’ve got four ways to make you a more positive person. It’s all about ‘paying it forward':
  • First, tell someone you really appreciate them, and things wouldn’t be the same without them. People who express gratitude feel sick less often than those who don’t. In fact, according to a study by Michigan State, people who keep a mental tab of what they’re grateful for notice more good things around them. They also feel more satisfied with their lives. And in a work situation, human resource experts say unexpected praise can raise the morale of the entire workplace.  

  • Another way to be a more positive person, let go of your temper. Blowing your top only makes things worse. If the cable guy never shows, or your husband is late for dinner, you have a choice of how to react. Anger pulls you down. Forgiveness gives you the power to move on. 

  • Then, gift and don’t tell. In Jewish philosophy, by giving an anonymous gift, you honor a person completely selflessly.

  • And one last way to be a more positive person: donate blood. Every donation of blood has the potential to save three lives.