Here are seven topics a woman shouldn't talk about with her man, according to Dr. Fred Humphrey. He's the former director of the Mental Health Institute of Iowa. So ladies, don't bring up.

  • His balding head. It's okay when a buddy teases them about a bald spot, but when a woman notices, it brings up the fear that they're losing more than hair   they're losing their appeal.
  • Never talk badly about a guy's mom. Every man's mother is the first love of his life so he has a natural tendency to measure every other woman against her.
  • Another no-no topic: His idea of romance. Men secretly see themselves as Romeos. So when a woman is less than excited about their romantic style or imagination, sparks usually fly - and not the romantic kind.
  • And topic #4 is: Someone more successful than your man. When a woman talks about a more successful man, especially if the man and her mate are close in age, or friends, it's an ego crusher.
  • Also don't bring up his waistline. When a woman compares her man's flabby physique to some good-looking hunk on TV, or even comments lightly about his potbelly, it touches a raw nerve.
  • Another taboo topic according to Dr. Humphrey: How he spends his money. A man views his money as his power and resents it when a woman questions how he uses his power. That's why the same man can splurge on a new sports car, but gets angry when his wife buys a new pair of shoes. Both partners should set aside 10% of their income that they can spend however they want.
  • And lastly, don't give the man in your life advice about his job, unless he asks. Men are touchy when women urge them to ask for a raise or to switch jobs. It makes them feel as though they've failed or they're not ambitious enough.

Basically, it's all about pride for guys. And if you diminish a man's sense of pride, it'll be hard to keep the relationship together.