Ladies, scientists say you really are better than men at certain things! Here’s a short list:

  • Women are smarter – generally speaking. A worldwide study of IQ tests given to thousands of people found that women generally have higher IQs than men! And that’s a monumental finding, because previous studies have measured women lagging roughly five points behind men. But experts say that advances in education equality in more parts of the world have not only closed the gap, but caused a lot of women to speed past it!

  • Beating colds! A McGill University study found that estrogen is like a secret infection-blasting weapon. Because it helps fight off bacteria and viruses.

  • Better endurance athletes. The hormone gives women an edge because it has a protective effect on muscles, making them less prone to soreness.

  • Better bosses! Studies show they’re better listeners, mentors, problem solvers, and multi-taskers, which are all crucial corner-office skills.

  • Aging. 85% of people over age 100 are women! And women generally live an average of 5-to-10 years longer than men. Researchers say it’s because women generally eat healthier, see their doctor regularly, and take fewer dangerous risks than men.