Want to lose weight, faster? There are super-foods that help boost our body’s ability to burn calories and fat. According to Dr. Pamela Peeke, author of The Hunger Fix, our metabolism works harder to break down whole, unrefined foods than processed ones, which can help us burn an 300 extra calories a day. Here’s Dr. Peeke’s list of super-foods:

  • First: Wild salmon. Research shows the Omega-3s in fatty fish like salmon help build muscle, and the more muscle we have, the more calories we burn. Omega-3s may also help reduce fat by lowering stress levels, because when we’re stressed, our body thinks it’s in crisis, and it may not get fed, so our body hangs onto every calorie in case we need it for survival.

  • Another metabolism-boosting food: Yogurt. High levels of calcium make our body less likely to store calories as fat. And yogurt has 50-percent more calcium than milk. Plus, the probiotic bacteria helps keep belly fat under control. 

  • Also: Avocado. It has a unique combination of essential fatty acids and antioxidants, and when those are combined, it reduces inflammation and keeps blood vessels open and clear. That triggers a metabolism boost. Plus, one avocado also contains 14 grams of fiber, and since it takes more energy to digest fiber, we burn more calories. 

  • Beans and not-quiet-ripe bananas also contain fiber and resistant starch, which takes extra energy to digest. It can increase your calorie-burning power by 24-percent for a whole day. So, get one serving at every meal.

  • Another calorie-burner: Coffee. The caffeine in one cup of coffee temporarily boosts our metabolism by as much as 15-percent. And also makes our body use more stored fat, like the stuff we’re trying to burn off from our belly.