Wondering what’s going on with the economy? Instead of checking the business headlines, consider this list of unusual economic indicators, which experts say can accurately predict whether the economy’s getting better or worse. 

  • Let’s start with: The Super Bowl. Believe it or not, statistics show that when an “old” NFL team wins the Super Bowl – meaning a team that was around before 1967 – then the stock market increases 80 percent of the time! So, why’s that good news for investors? Because this year’s winners - the Baltimore Ravens – have roots going back to 1946!

  • The 2nd unusual economic indicator: Coupon usage. Experts say that when the economy’s going bad, shoppers tend to use more coupons, because they’re looking to save money any way possible. But after peaking in 2010, coupon use has now dropped 10 percent in two years and experts say that’s a sign that the economy’s getting better!

  • Another good sign? Help Wanted ads. According to the Consumer Confidence Index, more ads in the Help Wanted section means there are more people hiring! And if that’s true, then this is a great time to look for a job. Because so far this year, the number of Help Wanted ads posted in newspapers and online is up 15 percent!

  • Another odd economic indicator is diaper sales. Because when times are tough, experts say disposable diapers become a “luxury” item for many parents – so diaper sales tend to drop. But these are “bullish” times for babies because not only are diaper sales rising, they’re expected to match their highest levels in four years!

  • One more unusual economic indicator: Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition. According to a serious new investment study, when an American model’s on the cover, the stock market tends to always rise the following year! And that’s more good news for the economy because the magazine’s cover model the past TWO years has been Kate Upton, who was born in Michigan.