We can share all the health tips in the world on this show – but if you’re not alive, what good are they? So, here and now, I have advice to keep you alive and help you avoid danger.

  • If you’re driving, the safest lane is the middle one. Experts say it keeps you away from merging traffic – and leaves room for speeders to pass you on the left. And on city streets, stay out of the right lane, where you have hazards like bicyclists, car doors and pedestrians.

  • Speaking of driving and dying – shorten your commute. According to the latest Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, the longer your commute, the greater your risk for back pain, high cholesterol and obesity. Not only that, all that drive-time can hurt your marriage. People with commutes of 45 minutes or longer are 40% more likely to divorce! That’s because they spend less time together – and the person doing all the driving is more stressed and that may affect the way they treat their spouse.

  • Bank on the weekends. FBI statistics show that weekends are the least popular time for bank robberies. The most popular day? Avoid the bank on a Friday. When people are cashing their paychecks, that’s when gun-toting robbers are the most likely to show up.

  • How can you stay safe on a plane? For a short flight, choose a window seat. More than 10-thousand passengers are injured every year from luggage falling out of overhead bins – usually people seated on the aisle. However, if it’s a long flight – 4 hours or more – take that aisle seat risk. Because those passengers are the most likely to get up and move about the cabin, which can help you avoid a deadly blood clot.

  • Drink your coffee. A daily cup of coffee can ward off skin cancer, prostate cancer, Parkinson’s and endometriosis. You can thank all those antioxidants. Plus, people who drink that daily coffee have an 11% lower risk of heart failure.