Are you gearing up for a road trip? Well, pack your smartphone! That’s because there are new apps that’ll do everything from save you gas money to pinpoint speed traps. Here are the top ones:

  • First: Cut your gas bill with the free Gas Buddy app. It uses GPS technology to locate the cheapest nearby gas. 

  • Then, want to catch up on some reading on the open road? Download the free Audible app. It has over 10-thousand books you can download that it’ll read aloud on your smartphone. 

  • Another top road trip app: The iExit Interstate Exit Guide. It uses GPS technology to show you the closest fast food restaurants, gas stations, and public restrooms. It costs $2.

  • And want an easy GPS to use? Try Google Maps. It's a must for drivers, especially for road trips. The Google Maps app lets you filter your directions by, the fastest route or whether or not you want tolls. You can also save an area from your Google Maps and use it offline on your phone if you don't want to burn through your data (unless you have 'unlimited' data). This free app also offers real-time traffic updates and faster alternative routes. 

  • And the final road trip app to check out: Roadside America. It's not a road trip without at least one detour to a bizarre roadside attraction. And with this app, you can map out all the offbeat tourists traps on your route.  Let's face it, you'd be devastated if you discovered you had passed right by the world's largest ball of twine, the world's largest garden gnome or the world's largest shoe house. The price of Roadside America starts at $2.99 for one region – or if you’re going cross country, $6 for all of the weird attractions across America.