Does your job search keep coming up snake eyes? Your behavior might be to blame. Here are the things we could be doing that may be wrecking our chances of finding a job: 

  • #1: We’re only looking for a permanent, full-time job. Temporary and contract positions are a great way to get your foot in the door. And once you’re in, you’ll be able to network like crazy, and prove you’re worth keeping permanently.

  • Another job search mistake: We won’t settle for less than our dream job and dream salary. Unless we’re being chased by headhunters, aiming for the top – and only the top – sets us up for disappointment. The experts recommend expanding our options by looking at other industries, and other possible jobs. Also, some companies might pay less than our ideal salary, but they might make up for it with perks like flex-time, on-site daycare, and excellent health insurance.

  • Another reason for a less-than-successful job search: We only look for work when we're desperate, like, when we get laid off or quit. Experts say we’re better off keeping our LinkedIn profiles updated at all times. That way, hiring managers can easily contact us about jobs that might be right for us. 

  • Also: Your resume shouldn’t be a book, no matter how much experience you have. Only focus on the last 10 years. 

  • Finally: Try not to drive the hiring managers crazy. Calling every day to see if they’ve filled the job isn’t following up. It’s annoying. The fix: At the interview, ask when they expect to make a decision. And wait until then to call. It’s just like dating – if someone is interested, they’ll call you. If they don’t, they’re not into you.