I have quick tips to help you live a longer, healthier life around the clock.

  • First thing in the morning, get the kettle going and have some tea. Hot tea in the morning can slash your risk of kidney cancer by 15-percent. That’s according to the International Journal of Cancer, and green and black tea both work to prevent DNA damage.

  • After you get out of the shower, pop in your contact lenses. If you soap up while wearing your contacts you can expose your eyes to infection causing water-borne microbes. That’s according to University of Illinois researchers.

  • More round the clock tweaks to help you live longer and healthier: When you’re cleaning your house, skip the spray cleaners! Using household spray cleaners just once a week increases your risk of an asthma attack by 76-percent. The fix? Use cleaning wipes instead.

  • How about one for when you’re making dinner: Steam your broccoli. Italian researchers discovered that steaming broccoli increases the concentration of cancer fighting compounds. Boiling it actually lowers the levels.

  • And here’s one last health tweak to live longer and healthier when you’re ready to hit the sack: Sleep smartly! Too much sleep, or not enough of it, can kill you. A British study found that getting more than 9 hours of sleep at night, or less than 6, doubles your risk of dying an early death from ANY cause! The ideal sleep time? Between 7 and 8 hours.