Tea is one of the healthiest foods on earth. And certain teas can help us in different ways:  

  • First: Green tea stops viruses. That’s because it’s loaded with amino acids and the disease-fighting chemical ESCG, which can cut our flu risk by 75-percent, making green tea more effective than the flu vaccine. 

  • Also: Black tea, like English Breakfast, contains cell-protecting antioxidants, which can cut our stroke risk by 70-percent, and can even reverse heart disease. In one study, people who drank black tea instead of other beverages had a 50-percent improvement in blood vessel function in 4 weeks, enough to unblock arteries, and reverse the progression of heart disease. 

  • Another health benefit from tea: Earl Gray can calm anxiety. That’s because it’s spiked with bergamot, a fragrant, citrus oil. The smell is used by aroma-therapists to soothe stress. Plus, Earl Gray contains quercetin, a nutrient with proven antidepressant properties. One study found it’s effects are similar to Prozac. 

  • Also: White tea prevents wrinkles. It’s the least-processed and fermented of any tea, and has 3 times more antioxidants than green tea, and it’s the best natural wrinkle-reducer around. That’s because white tea neutralizes the enzymes that break down the skin, and cause sagging and wrinkles. 

  • Finally: Darjeeling tea soothes the stomach, eases digestion, and may even prevent ulcers. Darjeeling contains more tannins and antioxidants than other black teas. And it stops the growth of the bacteria that causes 90-percent of stomach ulcers, and half of all gastric cancers.