You could be wasting time, money, and shampoo by believing some common hair myths! So, here are the top hair myths debunked:

  • Myth #1: Getting a trim makes your hair grow faster. That’s false, according to the dermatology department at the University of California San Francisco. They say hair grows an average of a quarter-inch every month – whether you cut it or not. But regular trims make your hair look a little longer because that gets rid of split ends, which reduces hair breakage and makes your hair look shorter.
  • Myth #2: Rinsing your head in cold water to make your hair shinier. Sorry, but all those cold showers were a waste. Chemists point out that your hair is packed with dead cells. And they don’t react to hot or cold water.
  • Myth #3: Brushing your hair 100 strokes a day to make it look shiny. This is a bogus myth. The idea is that all that brushing distributes the oils from your scalp around your hair to make it shinier. But too much brushing damages your hair’s cuticles and causes it to break, leading to everyone’s worst hair nightmare: Frizz! So only brush your hair to detangle or style it.
  • Myth #4: The less you shampoo your hair, the less oily it’ll be. That’s false. No matter how frequently you shampoo – or don’t – your scalp produces the same amount of oil.
  • Myth #5: Men don’t care how long your hair is. Ladies, this is especially for you. Science proves otherwise. Researchers recently photoshopped pictures of women to give them short, medium, and long hair. The result? Men rated the photos of women with long hair as much more attractive than photos of them with short or medium hair.