When you go out on a date, what’s the most important thing to consider? It’s your dating manners, like barking at the waiter, coughing without covering your mouth, wiping your mouth with the tablecloth, and showing no interest in the person you’re with. 

Bottom line: Rude and disrespectful behavior is always a relationship-killer. So, here’s how to behave on a date, courtesy of Sue Fox, author of Etiquette for Dummies.

  • First: Be on time! There’s nothing that says, “I don’t think you’re important” quite like showing up late for a date.

  • Another dating etiquette tip: Don’t talk about how much things cost, the price of the date especially - or make insulting comments about the people around you.

  • Always use your best table manners, treat everyone with respect – that includes waiters and counter clerks – and be sure to say “please,” “thank you” and “you’re welcome.” How you treat the people serving you is an indication of how you’ll treat your partner down the line.

  • Don’t use your cell phone or start texting. According to a recent survey, that’s the #1 dating faux pas. The message it sends is that someone else – who’s not with you – is more important. If you’re expecting a legitimate call from work – or the babysitter – warn your date ahead of time. 

  • Finally: keep your word. If you don’t plan to call once the date is over, don’t say that you will.