Millennials: The good news is that you have some job skills most employers say they want, like being social media savvy and a good team worker. But to really be successful, experts say there are a few life-lessons the “20-something generation” needs to learn first. Here are the facts, according to business entrepreneur Jason Nazar:  

  • First: Social media is NOT a career. In fact, our expert says social media jobs may not even exist in five years because to most companies, Facebook and Twitter are just another form of marketing, to help spread awareness for their brand. So don’t think you’re going to get rich just because you know how to create a clever “hashtag." 

  • The second lesson millennials need to learn: Don’t wait to be told what to do. Millennials grew up in an environment that was heavily scheduled, even video games laid out the story for you. But you’ll never get ahead by waiting for someone to tell you what to do. Saying “nobody asked me to do this” is a guaranteed recipe for failure. It’s better to do too much, not too little. 

  • Another millennial work lesson: Speak Up, Not Out. Millennials love to give their two-cents and rant online. But in a workplace that’s a toxic behavior. If you have issues with management, your coworkers, or your job, speak up. That’s different from complaining and trash-talking the company on lunch breaks, or worse, online. Instead learn to effectively communicate what needs to be improved. 

  • The next lesson for millennials: Learn to pick up the phone, and read a book. In the real world, business gets done in-person, or over the phone, not online. And reading is a proven way to develop your creativity and thinking skills, as long as you’re reading actual books, and not 140 character tweets. 

  • One more work lesson for millennials: Know that your REPUTATION is the most valuable thing you have in your career. Our expert says it’s the one thing that can either open or close doors when your next big opportunity comes along. And in an age where everything is forever searchable online, you should be guarding your reputation like a “sacred treasure.” Just something to think about the next time you’re tempted to post a bunch of drunken party pics on Instagram.