What’s one of the best – and cheapest – things you can do for your health? Drink water. Here’s a refresher course on the 5 biggest benefits of H2O.

  • First: It can help you lose weight. A study found that drinking 2 cups of water can increase your metabolic rate by 30 percent for an hour. Studies also show that drinking one glass of water before a meal literally fills us up so we naturally eat less.
  • Another power of water? It can save you from a heart attack. A study found that people who drank more than five glasses of water a day were 41 percent less likely to die from a heart attack during a 6 year period compared to those who drank less than two glasses. Researchers say it’s because being dehydrated thickens the blood, which raises blood pressure, and makes your heart work harder.
  • Then, a daily water habit can make you headache-proof. In one study, scientists had migraine sufferers drink six cups of water a day, the others took a placebo pill. Two weeks later, the water group had 21 fewer hours of headaches than placebo volunteers, as well as less pain when they did have a headache.
  • Also, water makes you smarter. Your brain needs a lot of oxygen to function at optimal levels, so staying hydrated ensures that it's getting all it needs. In fact, drinking eight cups of water a day can improve your cognitive performance by 30 percent.
  • And water can help you on the job. Research shows that dehydration is the single most common cause of daytime fatigue. In fact, being just 2 percent dehydrated can trigger short-term memory problems and difficulty focusing. So, stay hydrated so you stay on your “A” game.

And remember, you don't always have to drink bottled water. In most cases, water straight from the tap is as healthy than the expensive bottled H2O, and some tap water actually has less chemicals than the bottled stuff.