Smart phones have completely changed the way we communicate and sometimes not for the better. Here’s a list of the top five annoying habits of smart-phone users, courtesy of CNN.

First annoying iPhone habit: Saying “there’s an app for that,” in response to EVERYTHING. We get it, it was a great marketing campaign but now “There’s an app for that,” is about as funny as “can you hear me now,” and “where’s the beef?” It’s time to MOVE ON!

Second: constantly checking the phone anytime someone asks a question. Sometimes it’s okay to say “I don’t know,” instead of spending the next 20 minutes Googling the name of the guy who pitched a no hitter in the 1956 World Series. It was Don Larsen, put your iPhone away.

Third annoying habit: waiting for the next best thing. When you’re out with friends, leave the phone in your pocket. When you put it on the table it makes everyone feel like you’re just waiting for a call or a text to come in – that’s more important than they are.

Fourth: texting in the movies. Even if you turn the sound off, the light from the screen is just as annoying.

Finally: texting or talking in the bathroom stall. It’s weird, it really is. And your phone is already covered in bacteria and germs. It doesn’t need anymore.