Doing the things you love could be putting your health at risk! Here’s what a few recent scientific studies have to say:

  • When you’re baking, stop licking the bowl! According to The Centers for Disease Control, eating unbaked batter or dough is an easy way to get Salmonella. Contaminated raw eggs are the usual culprits, but Salmonella and E. coli can also be transmitted through uncooked flour.

  • Sleeping with your pets. According to the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases, sleeping with cats and dogs can expose you to dangerous illnesses, like MRSA and the bubonic plague from the germs and fleas they pick up outside.

  • Stop double-dipping! Clemson University researchers found that when someone dips a chip, takes a bite, and re-dips it, they transfer more than 10,000 bacteria to the bowl. That means the people eating afterwards ingest nearly 100 bacteria per bite.

  • Playing Angry Birds in bed. It can ruin your sleep! According to the National Sleep Foundation, 9-out-of-10 of us use our phones or tablets within an hour of going to bed. But multiple studies have linked nighttime exposure to the blue light from electronic devices with sleeplessness.