Ladies, were you a rock star student in college? Well, the skills that helped you earn praise and good grades in class could actually be holding you back at work! So, here are skills that can help you shine at work:

  • Challenge the higher-ups. In school, the teachers told you what they wanted, and you had to give it to them. But at work, you can’t just give your boss what they want. You also need to speak up if you have a different point of view, or believe that a different approach might work better. Because it shows you’re focused on what’s best for the company.

  • You need to improvise. In school, it’s all about studying and memorization, so the right answer’s on the tip of your tongue. But in the working world, there’s almost never a “right answer”. Instead, you have to repeatedly show that you’re flexible, innovative, and can think fast on your feet.

  • In the working world, you also need to get out of your comfort zone. The best students repeat the same moves – namely, studying, taking tests, and writing papers. But for employees, repetition equals stagnation. Experts say you have to take risks – even if you fail. Because the best way to get noticed is to stretch yourself – and prove that you can take on anything, and succeed.

  • Workers have to self-promote. Teachers see everything a student turns in – so, if you did a good job, you got good grades; period. But most bosses see only a tiny fraction of the work their employees do. So, you have to make sure they know when you do a great job on something. So, every once in awhile, it’s okay to tell your boss something like, “I’m so proud of my team, and the way our project came out.” Because sometimes the only way to get noticed is to toot your own horn.