Here are 4 simple, but effective ways to improve your memory:

  • #1: Eat toast for breakfast. A Tufts University study found that people who eliminated carbs from their diets performed worse on memory tests than those who didn’t. That’s because our brains need the glucose that comes from carbohydrates to stay in peak form. But that’s not an excuse to grab a jelly donut. You want whole wheat bread, oatmeal, or other complex carbs that keep your blood sugar levels stable. 

  • Another memory-booster: Floss twice a day. Dr. Jonathan Levine is a professor at the NYU School of Dentistry. And he says that the same bacteria that causes gum disease also increases inflammation in your brain – which reduces blood flow and lowers cognitive performance. So, flossing gets the bacteria out of your mouth and your mind. 

  • Also: Take kickboxing or an aerobic dance class. A study in the journal Neurobiology of Learning and Memory found that people learn vocabulary words 20% faster after doing an intense workout. In fact, neurologists say that exercise that requires learning multiple movements increases activity in your brain’s motor, visual, and auditory centers. 

  • And the final brain-booster: Change the font on your computer. Research in the journal Cognition shows that working in an unusual font – like comic sans manuscript – is the equivalent of making your long-term memory do push-ups. That’s because complicated typefaces make you slow down and read more carefully, which improves your ability to recall information. Just be sure to switch the font to something more professional – like Courier - before sending your final report to your boss.