Nighttime is the right time to improve your health! Here’s how:  

  • Take your vitamin D right after dinner. Vitamin D is fat soluble that means it needs some dietary fat to be absorbed. So doctors recommend taking it after your biggest meal of the day, which for most people is dinner. Do that, and after a couple months, your D levels will be 50-percent higher, no matter what dosage you take.  

  • Another way to improve your health at night? Take your blood pressure pills or baby aspirin before bed. As we wake up in the morning, our heart rate increases and that’s why heart attacks are so common early in the morning. But if you pop your blood pressure meds before bed, your heart rate won’t spike. 

  • Also put on your wrinkle cream at night. Our skin cells regenerate as we sleep, twice as fast as during the day. So put your wrinkle cream on at night, and your skin will absorb more of the ingredients.

  • Finally, go to bed by 11pm. To be in the best health, mentally and physically, we need to go through five sleep cycles each night. And since each sleep cycle takes approximately 90 minutes and most of us wake up at 6:30am that means you need to have lights out by 11pm. That’s according to sleep expert, Dr. Michael Breus and his book “The Sleep Doctor Diet Plan.”