Want to live to the ripe old age of 100? Here are the signs you may be well on your way. For example:

  • Are you the life of the party? Good news! Research has found that extroverts, who don’t get stressed-out easily, are about half-as-likely to suffer from dementia. It all boils down to the stress hormone cortisol, because if you come unglued easily, or can’t roll with the punches, it can actually damage your brain cells and how they communicate with each other. But if you’re not easy-going, you can cut your cortisol levels naturally through meditation, taking a nap or sipping black tea. And as simple as that sounds, all those remedies are backed by science and work.

  • Another sign you’ll live long and prosper, you’re a runner. People who run 5 hours a week not only live longer, they function better physically and cognitively as they age. Runners are less likely to get heart disease, cancer, neurological disorders and infections. 

  • You’ll also see your 100th birthday if you like raspberries in your oatmeal. Why? It’s all about the fiber. It reduces bad cholesterol, increases weight loss and you can reduce your risk of developing coronary problems. 

  • And all of my Facebook friends are in luck.  Keeping up with technology like Facebook, Twitter and Skype keeps your brain cells young and healthy. According to a poll of centenarians, many of them send emails, Google old friends, and even date online. That not only keeps them mentally fit, it helps them stay current and connected to friends and family.