If you’re looking to snag a new job – here’s what you’ve gotta do:

  • First, get on Linked In. Because 89-percent of companies have used it to find new hires. Meaning – they searched for people with specific qualifications, checked out their profile, and recruited them. No application needed! There are 3 keys to being contacted out of the blue. Make sure your profile includes key words for your industry and your job. Also, try to get to 500 connections. People with only a-hundred connections on Linked In only come up in 3-percent of searches. People with 500 connections appear in 90-percent of searches. And the last key to getting recruited from your Linked In profile: Post a picture! Employers are 7 times more likely to click on a profile with a picture. 

  • When it comes to your resume, limit it to 700 words. That’s the magic number that provides enough information – but doesn’t go into information overload. Because when HR executives were studied using eye-tracking software – researchers found they only looked at a person’s name – the last 2 jobs they held – and their education – before deciding yes or no. And use an easy-to-read font like Helvetica. If you’re mailing your resume – instead of emailing it – put it on heavy card stock, not plain paper. A hiring manager will hold it and look at it longer because the weight of the paper makes it seem more important. 

  • At the interview: Wear dark colors and cover your arms, ladies, even if you’re interviewing in Savannah in summertime! Believe it or not, a survey of hiring managers found that 95-percent admitted they would not hire someone who came in wearing a bright color like orange. Stick to navy, gray or black. You can use your accessories for color. And when it comes to exposed arms, half of the managers surveyed said they thought more highly of women in long sleeves versus short sleeves.

  • And during the interview – don’t fall for this trick. The interviewer may say something like: “I heard the company you worked for was terrible. Is it as bad as I’ve heard?” They’re trying to get you to say something negative – don’t take the bait. Just smile and say something positive like, “I learned a lot during my time there.”