Want to make sure your next hotel stay is a safe and germ-free experience? Travel expert Peter Greenberg has a list of things to do before you arrive – and once you get there:

First: Call before you book to make sure the hotel’s not undergoing renovations because the extra dust could trigger allergies, or asthma attacks. Also, ask for a smoke-free room, or - preferably - a smoke-free floor. And if you’re allergic to feathers, or detergents – bring your own pillowcase or get a hypoallergenic pillow from the front desk.

Another tip for a healthy hotel stay: Break out the antibacterial wipes. Studies show that hotel light switches and TV remotes have the highest concentration of illness-causing germs, like E. coli. So, the moment you arrive, use antibacterial wipes to clean them.

Also: Don’t use the glassware – even if it has a paper cap on it because it may not have been washed properly. Instead, use a disposable cup, or rinse a glass under hot water for 2 minutes before you use it.

Another thing to do before you move into your hotel room: Check for bedbugs. 99 percent of pest companies say they’ve dealt with bedbugs, 75 percent increase from a decade ago. So, put your suitcase in the bathroom. And look behind the headboard, between the mattress and box spring, and under the bed skirt. If you see rusty stains – or what looks like a heavy sprinkling of pepper - ask for another room and make sure it’s not directly above, below, or next door to the infested room.