Forget the mirror - does your resume make you look old? It’s taking the 50-plus crowd longer to find a job than any other demographic. That’s because there are twice as many boomers out of work than ever before! So don’t let your resume keep you from getting your foot in the door. Here’s advice from Wendy Enelow, an executive trainer and author of Expert Resumes For Baby Boomers.

  • To start, don’t overdo it on the contacts. Multiple phone numbers make your resume look dated. And if you list a fax number – you’ll be labeled a dinosaur. Only give your cell phone and email. And you don’t have to say “cell phone number” – most younger managers will assume it’s a cell phone because only geezers still have landlines. 

  • Next, skip the tired clichés. Everybody and their brother is “motivated,” has “extensive experience,” and is a “team player.” According to LinkedIN, those are the most overused and meaningless words on resumes. 

  • And here’s a subtle but telling change that can give away your age: Where you put the dates of employment on your resume. Old-school resumes have the dates of employment on the left. New school resumes have the dates on the right. And if you’re a Boomer, leave your college graduation date off your resume altogether. You’re not fooling anybody, but at least you’re not slapping them in the face with how old you are. 

  • And don’t list passive activities – things that’ll make you seem sedentary or unenergetic. Athletic activities are good – like marathons, they show you work hard toward a goal. And volunteering shows you have integrity, which is a valuable characteristic for employers.