Are you ready to be the boss? If you’re working toward getting a promotion, here’s how to be a good manager – and make the suits glad they moved you up the ladder. And it’s all based on scientific research: 

  • First: The best leaders are humble. Marketing expert Howard Stevens analyzed the personality tests of almost 10,000 managers and he discovered that those who were most successful also had high scores in humility.  Meaning, they were grateful for compliments, and didn’t blow their own horn too much. They also didn’t mind getting in the trenches and helping out when needed.

  • Another habit of good managers: They thank others for contributing – even in small ways. Robert Sutton is the author of Good Boss, Bad Boss. And he says that numerous studies show that employees work harder for bosses who notice and acknowledge everyone’s contributions.  And that’s true from the mailroom, all the way up to the boardroom. 

  • Want another tip for being a good manager? Support and cultivate everyone else’s skills. Researchers at Google evaluated the performance reviews of thousands of supervisors. The result: The best bosses communicated with their employees the same way coaches do with their players, by encouraging everyone to do their best, while directing people to focus on their strengths. Not everyone can be a linebacker – you have to give people the jobs they excel at. 

  • And last but not least: The best supervisors protect their people. A Stanford University study found that the most effective leaders are willing to go the extra mile for their employees – even if it meant taking heat from the top because someone on the team messed up or putting in extra hours to make sure everything gets done.