If you’re single – and you don’t want to stay that way - here’s some expert advice for finding a keeper:

  • First: Tell your friends you’re looking. According to University of Chicago sociologist Dr. Robert Michael, almost 60-percent of married people were introduced by family, friends, or co workers. 

  • Another tip for ending your single life: Date people with similar values. Judith Wallerstein is coauthor of The Good Marriage. And she says that opposites may attract, but they don’t last. In fact, numerous studies show that couples who share a common background - and have similar goals - form happier, longer-lasting relationships. 

  • Another tip for people who want to get married: Don’t have kids out of wedlock. Researchers at the University of Maryland found that most men and women would prefer not to date people who already have children. In fact, the only characteristic in potential dates that was rated as less desirable than having kids, is the inability to hold a steady job.

  • And finally: Look for a partner with happily married parents. This is especially important if your mom and dad got a divorce. According to The Journal of Family Issues, marrying someone whose parents split up increases your chances of divorce by more than 50-percent. And if both of you come from broken homes, it TRIPLES your risk of divorce.