Like it or not, talking about the wrong things at work can hold you back from getting a promotion or a raise. So, here are some things you should never talk about around the boss:

  • Don’t talk about your night life, even if the highlight of your night is reading bedtime stories to your kids. Because if you’re a party person, for example, experts say the boss might think you’re too “immature” to handle a serious project. Or, if you’re a home-body, you might be passed over for promotions that involve meeting clients for dinner after work. Experts say the only exception to this rule is if your “night life” involves taking classes that apply to your job, or you’re doing extra work from home.

  • Don’t tell the boss if you have a second job. Experts say it’s normal for people to have two or more jobs to make ends meet these days, but telling your boss about it just gives him an excuse to scrutinize your performance. And if your productivity starts to slip, your boss could easily blame the other job, and say something like: “You obviously can’t handle two jobs at once.” Then, he could use that as a reason to fire you!

  • Don’t tell your boss about your living situation. Like if you’re living with your parents, or struggling to pay your mortgage. Experts say revealing that kind of information only opens the door for your co-workers to judge you. And they may think you can’t handle certain projects because of your age, or because you’re under too much stress at home.

  • Never tell the boss about your spouse's income. Experts say this may come as a surprise to many people. But if you’re up for a promotion, and your boss knows that your spouse is a successful CEO, for example, then he may think you don’t “need” the promotion – and the pay bump that comes with it! So, why even take the chance that your spouse’s income will play a role in your boss’s decision?