Women have a leg up on us guys when it comes to certain things. Here’s a scientifically proven list:

  • Women are better at parking cars. I know a lot of guys would debate that – but here’s the science behind it. Researchers covertly observed nearly 3,000 drivers in 700 parking lots. The drivers were rated on seven key aspects of car parking – like reversing into a space, going forward into a space, if they had to reposition the car, and their speed. Women scored higher than men in six out of the seven categories. But when the researchers questioned the women – only 18-percent said they thought they were better at parking a car than a man. But ladies, know this: You’re way better. So guys, hand your girlfriend or wife the keys. 

  • What else are women better at? Handling job interview stress. According to research from the University of Western Ontario, while women feel more stress – they handle it better - and perform better during the interview. Why? Because they have better stress-coping skills. For example, they’ll text a loved one for encouragement or prepare more thoroughly. Instead, guys are more likely to ignore their stress, which ends up backfiring. 

  • Another area in which women excel over men? They’re better beer tasters. Why? Because they not only have a better sense of smell and a greater number of taste buds. They’re more likely to be super-tasters, meaning their taste buds are more sensitive to subtle flavors. 

  • One last thing women are better at? Investing. Guys, if you’re wondering who should handle the family budget – it’s your wife. A study done by Barclays Bank found that women are better investors because they take fewer foolish risks with money. They also have more self-control and end up having a higher return on their investments. Men are too volatile, and will try and guess what the market will do instead of sticking with a long-term plan.