Have you talked to your boss today? Here are the things experts suggest never saying to your boss:

First: “Can I leave early to take my child to his soccer game?” Even though Joey’s soccer team is a big deal in your household – it won’t mean much to your boss, and it shows that you’re prioritizing your personal life over your professional responsibilities. So, if something's important enough that you need to take time off, ask for a personal time and keep the details to yourself.

Also, never complain to the boss: “Half the office is on Facebook all day!” When was the last time anyone got ahead for being a tattletale? And if you've noticed your coworkers on Facebook or cruising shopping sites on company time - your boss has, too. So, show your boss what a hard worker you are by completing your work in record time. Tearing others down is not the way to get ahead. You have to do it on your own merit.

Then, what’s one of the most toxic questions you can ask your boss? It’s “Why did you choose so-and-so for the promotion over me?” That question is 100 percent whine.  Instead, show that you’re promotion material by asking your boss what responsibilities you can take on – or areas you can improve. That’ll fast track you to a promotion the next time around.

And the final thing not to say to your boss: “This company would fall apart without me.” Everyone is replaceable, even CEOs. If you feel that your hard work isn’t being recognized, submit a productivity report once a month. Or, if you’re not moving up as fast as you want, ask your boss what steps you can take to earn a promotion.  That’ll make sure you’re on the same page, and show your boss that your goals are the company’s goals.