But what about the things you haven't done? Well, you better get crackin', because according to the experts at Bank Rate.com, there are 4 things everyone should do before they hit the big 5-0.

  1. Lose the locks. If you're clinging desperately to the hairstyle you had when you were in college, let it go. Men: find a hairstylist half your age and get modern. Ladies: go bobbed, gelled or crazy, but definitely go short. You'll look 10 years younger.
  2. Upgrade your vices. Travelling with the Grateful Dead was a great way to kill time when you we're younger, but now you need to make the most of the time you've got left. So be a little more selective about your hobbies. Read great books, drink better wines and buy the good seats to some "grown-up" concerts.
  3. Another thing to do before you turn 50: Visit the "wonder window." Has it been a couple of decades since your kids were born? Take a trip to the maternity ward of your local hospital and take a peek at the babies. There's a wonderful charge you get from being in the presence of newborns, especially when you're feeling the tug of your own mortality.

And the 4th thing you should do before your 50th birthday: Meet the folks. As the big 5-0 approaches, you're probably noticing you have a lot in common with your parents. Use these things to open the door to new, more mature relationships. Ask them about everything they've done   and get all the gory details. Especially any health issues. Knowing these will help you age like a fine wine rather than a sour grape.