Ladies, are you dating someone new? Be careful what you text him! Here are the messages that’ll scare away your new love interest, according to relationship experts:

  • I can’t stop thinking about you. Men are okay with that – as long as you’ve been dating for a while. But at the start of a romantic relationship, men are on “stalker alert.” So, if you sound head-over-heels from the get-go, you may scare him off. A better bet? The day after your first date, send one text that says: “I had a good time. Let’s do it again.” Then, don’t send any more messages until you hear something back.

  • We need to talk. Those four words shout, “Argument’s coming!” He’ll start worrying what might happen next time he calls or comes by, and he may avoid you. If you really need to talk, pick up the phone and call, and tell him exactly what’s wrong.

  • Just saw the cutest pair of shoes. He could interpret that two ways, and neither one is good. Either he’ll think you’re asking him to buy them for you, which means, you’re only interested in his money. Or he might think you want a friend instead of a boyfriend.

  • I feel like we’re stuck in a rut. Experts say he’ll take that as a sign you’re rethinking your relationship – and that he’s about to be dumped. So, make sure your text is about the solution, not the problem. Try something like, “How about we go out for sushi tonight, instead of watching TV?” Or “Want to go hiking this weekend?”