Let’s review the surprising things that drive your coworkers and boss crazy that you need to stop now – before you end up in the unemployment line:

  • Stop being selfish and disrespectful. That means, don’t leave dirty dishes in the kitchen, take the last cup of coffee and leave an empty pot, or abandon a jammed copier. Making other people clean up your messes shows you’re not a team player. And you’ll get a reputation for being lazy, and cutting corners in everything.

  • Don’t play the blame game. According to a survey of bosses, when you make a mistake – and don’t admit you messed up – you look bad. And nobody will want to partner up with you if they know they’ll get blamed, no matter who’s at fault. In most instances, bosses say fixing the problem is more important than who dropped the ball. So, fess up and start brainstorming solutions.

  • Remember that voices carry. Career coach Debra Wheatman says nobody wants to eavesdrop on your personal life, whether you’re arguing with your partner – or your auto mechanic. So, take your personal phone calls outside.

  • In fact, don’t hang around talking loudly, even about work. Because it shows you don’t respect your coworkers, and that you feel your work is more important than everybody else’s.

  • Don’t be a speed demon. According to résumé expert Shara Senderoff, it may look impressive to always turn your projects in before everybody else does. But it’s more important to do a good job. Bottom line: If your boss has to augment it, or correct lots of mistakes, they’re basically doing the whole project themselves – so, why do they need you?