Is it possible to affair-proof your marriage? Well, Dr. M. Gary Neuman is a psychotherapist who interviewed 500 faithful couples for his book Connect To Love. And he says couples that are least likely to cheat do these 4 things: 

  • Spend at least 30 minutes together daily. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the couch, watching TV, having a meal together or reading in bed. That’s the minimum uninterrupted time the happiest couples spend together. 
  • Be each other’s cheerleader. Dr. Neuman says, men who have cheated say over and over that they felt they could never win with their wife, or that she always pointed out what he did wrong. So make sure you point out what your partner does right. 
  • For women, make yourself heard. For the women who cheated, Dr. Neuman found their biggest complaint was that their husbands didn’t listen. He says, you have to tell a guy, “I need 5 minutes to tell you how I’m feeling, but I don’t want advice.” That way he’ll focus on you and not finding a solution. 
  • The final thing faithful couples do? They deal with their anger. The least successful couples argued about the same things over and over. The most successful couples figured out how to solve the argument, even if it meant one of them had to give up or revise their expectations. 
Want to know more? Dr. Neuman’s book is called _Connect To Love_.